NFBA – Accredited Post-Frame Builder

RAM is an accredited post-frame builder through the NFBA. This is a nationally recognized group of distinguished post-frame builders. It was designed for those builders who are able to establish proof of good business practices and code of ethics. Accredited post-frame builders must prove they have systems in place to ensure quality and guarantee customer satisfaction. Builders must exhibit a no nonsense attitude when it comes to ethical business practices, safety, and education.

In order to become accredited we had to complete the following criteria:

Good Business Practices

1. RAM has been granted 12 NFBA Accreditation Units (NAUs) by attending educational sessions at the NFBA Frame Building Expo and NFBA Chapter events or Webinars.

2. has a policy for conducting customer satisfaction surveys and attempts to satisfy every customer by any reasonable means.

3. adheres to state and local building codes.

4. adheres to NFBA Post-Frame Industry Construction Tolerance Standards.

5. abides by present and future NFBA building standards.

6. carries general liability insurance.

7. complies with state laws concerning workers’ compensation coverage and we carry workers’ compensation insurance for all employees.

8 requires all subcontractors to provide evidence that they carry workers compensation insurance for their employees.

9. addresses builders’ risk on each project and notifies customers that we do or don’t carry such insurance.

10. has a written safety program.

Code of Ethics

1. Our Company(employees and representatives) faithfully stands behind the work it performs and the products we sell in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and warranty.

2. furnishes in good faith to the proper building authorities all required certifications regarding professional or structural engineering and loading standards.

3. makes every effort to preserve customer trust and good faith by providing service and repair parts as requested.

4. makes no false statements about competitor products, business, financial, or personal standings.

5. does not use false or misleading advertising.

6. will honor the written and approved customer business agreements.

7. at all times exercises integrity in all business transactions and in relations with customers, employees, suppliers, and competitors.

8. is dedicated to the promotion of professionalism within our industry and will work diligently to build and perpetuate continuing consumer faith and trust in all NFBA members.

9. encourages all employees, other NFBA members, and professional colleagues to adhere to the NFBA Code of Ethics.

In order for us to remain accredited we must continue to abide by all of these standards. We have always set our standards high.


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